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The goal of the Red Rock Referral Network (RRRN) is to send each other qualified local referrals. The RRRN meets the 2nd and 4th week of every month on Thursday, 7:00 AM, at the Heartline Cafe in West Sedona. Come to a meeting and discover the magic of the RRRN for your business!

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Core Benefits

Strategic Partnerships

The Red Rock Referral Network provides members the opportunity to form strategic partnerships with other members who are in a complementary field. For example, a realtor member may start sending referrals to a mortgage broker member and landscaper member. You can quickly see how members help one another grow their business, locally. 

Local Exposure

The power of the RRRN is its members’ willingness to promote each other’s businesses in Sedona and the greater Verde Valley. Each member has a book of other members business cards to feature in their waiting rooms, to hand out on job sites, and at other events. In our small towns, your business will start getting a buzz on a regular basis.

Sales Opportunities

At each meeting every RRRN member gets the opportunity to do a 60-second sales sizzle. You stand up, give your name, and tell everyone about your business. 2-members are preselected and given a 10-minute period to discuss whatever topic they want. You can make a sales presentation or offer advice from your field to further establish yourself as a knowledgable expert.


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Red Rock Referral Network Testimonials

Upcoming Business Networking Meetings

The Red Rock Referral Network meets the 2nd and 4th week every month on Thursday mornings at the Heartline Cafe in West Sedona. Guests are treated to a free breakfast. You may attend as a guest twice before deciding if the RRRN is right for you.

RRRN Questions?

Do you have any questions about the Red Rock Referral Network? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly, or phone – We’re delighted to meet you and hope you’ll come visit with the group.

928 451 4370

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